West Edmonton Neighbourhood Information

Edmonton's suburban west sector is bounded by Stony Plain Road (Highway 16A) to the north, 170 Street, the Patricia Ravine and the North Saskatchewan River to the east, and 33 Avenue SW to the south. Its western boundary is formed by 215 Street (Winterburn Road) and 231 Street to the south and north of Whitemud Drive respectively.

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Aldergrove, Edmonton
Belmead, Edmonton
Breckenridge Greens, Edmonton
Brittania Youngstown, Edmonton
Buena Vista, Edmonton
Callingwood, Edmonton
Cameron Heights, Edmonton
Canora, Edmonton
Crestwood, Edmonton
Dechene, Edmonton
Donsdale, Edmonton
Elmwood, Edmonton
Gariepy, Edmonton
Glastonbury, Edmonton
Glenora, Edmonton
Glenwood, Edmonton
Grovenor, Edmonton
Jamieson Place, Edmonton
Jasper Park, Edmonton
La Perle, Edmonton
Laurier Heights, Edmonton
Lymburn, Edmonton
Lynnwood, Edmonton
Mayfield, Edmonton
McQueen, Edmonton
Meadowlark Park, Edmonton
North Glenora, Edmonton
Oleskiw, Edmonton
Ormsby Place, Edmonton
Parkview, Edmonton
Patricia Heights, Edmonton
Place LaRue, Edmonton
Potters Green, Edmonton
Quesnell Heights, Edmonton
Rio Terrace, Edmonton
Sherwood, Edmonton
Suder Greens, Edmonton
Summerlea, Edmonton
Stewart Greens, Edmonton
Terra Losa, Edmonton
The Hamptons, Edmonton
Thorncliff, Edmonton
Webber Greens, Edmonton
Wedgewood Heights, Edmonton
West Jasper Place, Edmonton
West Meadowlark Park, Edmonton
Westridge, Edmonton