Northwest Edmonton Neighbourhood Information

Edmonton's suburban northwest sector is generally bounded by 111 Avenue and Mayfield Road to the southeast, Stony Plain Road (Highway 16A) to the south, 231 Street (Parkland County) to the west, and Big Lake (Sturgeon County) and the City of St. Albert to the north. Its eastern boundary is formed by portions of 142 Street, a Canadian National (CN) rail line, Mark Messier Trail (Highway 2) and Yellowhead Trail (Highway 16).

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Albany, Edmonton
Athlone, Edmonton
Baranow, Edmonton
Baturyn, Edmonton
Beaumaris, Edmonton
Caenarvon, Edmonton
Calder, Edmonton
Canossa, Edmonton
Carlisle, Edmonton
Carlton, Edmonton
Chambery, Edmonton
Cumberland, Edmonton
Dovercourt, Edmonton
Dunluce, Edmonton
Elsinore, Edmonton
Griesbach, Edmonton
Hudson, Edmonton
Inglewood, Edmonton
Kensington, Edmonton
Lauderdale, Edmonton
Lorelei, Edmonton
Oxford, Edmonton
Pembina, Edmonton
Prince Charles, Edmonton
Rapperswill, Edmonton
Rosslyn, Edmonton
Sherbrooke, Edmonton
Wellington, Edmonton
Woodcroft, Edmonton
Hawks Ridge, Edmonton
Starling, Edmonton
Trumpeter, Edmonton