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How can today’s legalization of Marijuana possibly affect the sale of your home you ask?

Today is a big day for Canada, today it is legal to smoke Marijuana recreationally. That’s great that you can smoke pot and grow your own supply but be cautioned, if you own your home and plan to sell it at anytime this can potentially have negative consequences on a sale. Remember not everyone smokes marijuana, just as not everyone smokes cigarettes, or vapes, you will have a 50% chance of someone looking at your home that will be turned off based on self values. Not only will it affect potential buyers based on their lifestyle but lenders may not make the process easy for them either. They may require complete home inspections to ensure electrical systems are

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Lower interest rates in our already "Hot"  Edmonton Real Estate Market is a match made in heaven for all you potential buyers - whether you are refinancing, a first-time buyer, moving up or moving down.  With Canada’s top 5 banks following suit to the Bank of Canada’s key rate cut for a second time since January, their prime rates are currently at 2.70%.  TD Bank lead the other 4 banks, RBC, BMO, SCOTIA & CIBC to cut their prime rate by 0.15% from 2.85%, “a shallower reduction from the central bank’s 0.25-point cut”. However, this gives you more power when shopping around for a mortgage - cheaper rates equal more saving potential.  The biggest impact will be seen on variable rate mortgage products.  

Anyone trying to sell a home this is a good

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