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In the past year Baturyn recorded 40 sales of single family homes on the MLS® system. 

This northwest Edmonton neighourhood took an average of 33 days on the market to sell with the longest duration being 180 days and the shortest being 1 day.  

The average sold price was $355,758 while the asking price was an average of $363,732 so sellers got 98% of their list price.

The largest home that sold in the last year was 2,749 square feet, while the smallest was 770 square feet. The average size of all the houses that sold in 2014 was 1242 square feet.

To get more information on amenities, schools, and transportation within the community, go to Baturyn home listings



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  Shawna and Robert Eskiw on Dec 14, 2014 8:24 PM  

From January of 2014 until today, there were 44 single family houses sold in Athlone which is in northwest Edmonton.

The MLS® system also shows that it took an average of 37 days for these homes to sell. On the high end it took 170 days for one home to sell, while another sold on the first day it was listed.

As for the prices, the average list price was $329,799 with an average sale price of $324,508 which is pretty close to the list price.

And finally the average size of the homes that sold was 1120 square feet.

If you would like to learn more about the community, or you just want to see what listings are available right now, go to Athlone listings and description

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Prices for single family detached homes were up sharply by 3.76% when compared to October with an average price of $442,884. When compared to November of 2013 when the average price was $405,826 prices are up by 9%

The average price for Condos was $255,167 which is actually down by 2% from October when the average price was $260,491. However, when you compare November of 2014 to November of 2013 prices are actually up by 5.3%

In November it took an average of 54 days for all residential properties to sell. This number includes single family homes, condos, and duplexes. In November of 2013 it took an average of 57 days to sell a home.

 As of today there are 2139 Single family homes on the market (active listings) in the greater

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As we enter the fall season with the latest Edmonon Market Statistics available from the Edmonton Real Estate Board, we find our opinion to be right on track with the latest trends.  With population growth increasing steadily and only expected to keep rising, our strong economy is reflected in the increase of residential property prices.  Overall housing prices are on the rise when compared to prices in July, though a slight 6.0% decrease in residential sales when compared to August 2013.  The lack of listings is the cause of this decrease, supply being less than demand, results in higher prices.  

With all that said listing your propety now will probably give you slightly more money in your pocket, and for buyers slighty more out of yours.

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Edmonton, April 3, 2013: The REALTORS® Association of Edmonton reports that residential property prices in the Edmonton CMA1 were up again in March. The all-residential price (includes single family detached, condominiums, duplexes and row-houses) rose 3.5% in a month and single family detached prices were up 3.9%. Compared to March 2012, the all residential price was up 4.3% and the SFD price was up 7.0%.

“The average price increases are influenced by the prices paid on particular properties as well as the product mix in the period,” said President Darrell Cook. “Because of a shortage of lower priced homes, the average price is pushed up as buyers move up-market to find a home. The increase in average price may not increase the market value of a

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