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We saw a bit of an up turn in the Edmonton Real Estate market from January which may be an indication that people are gearing up for the upcoming spring months and we expect the trend to continue upwardly.  Single family homes saw an increase in sales price by just about 8%.  Condos also saw an increase in sales price by just under 2.5%, but duplexes remained stagnant at about a -0.37% decrease. 

Year over year, however we saw decreases straight across the board when comparing sales prices to last February's average prices and days on market.  Days on Market have increase for Single family homes, Condos and Duplex/Rowhouses, so patients is key for sellers. 

Let's take a look at inventory - Single family homes have the highest inventory level they

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If you have been thinking about building a new home now might be the perfect time to consider buying a speculation built home.  Record High vacancy rates in January for newly constructed homes sit at 1,941 in Edmonton up over 63% from last year, which means great opportunity for buyers.  

With more supply than demand on the newly constructed homes, there is a lot of vacant inventory that builders are holding right now.  The recent slow down in new construction projects was inevitable but those houses that were underway despite the Alberta ecomomy  taking a slower rate of recovery from the recent recession (add all the qualifying mortgage changes on top of it) still had to be completed.  Lower demands combined with it being harder to obtain

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Ideally you should have a week or two available before you list your property in order to stage your home and make it look its best for buyers. But, what if you listed quickly and within hours of the For Sale sign going up a buyer wants to view your property? In that scenario, you need to do some quick "staging" to get your home ready. Let's assume your property is already clean and tidy. Here are some other things you can do.

· Open the curtains, even at night. This will make each room seem brighter, more appealing and more spacious.

· Pull out some boxes or storage bins. Put away personal knick-knacks (like that bowling trophy) and other personal items to reduce clutter on shelves and countertops.

· Clear countertops in the kitchen and

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Despite what the word is out there properties are still selling.  It comes down to a few simple yet crucial things that are absolute non-negotiables if you are planning to list your property in our current market.  It is a buyers market - simple.  So what can you do, you ask?  

 This duplex (one of the most down segments in Edmonton) sold for 97% of its listed price because....

1. The sellers staged the property - making it more appealing to potential buyers as they could envision themselves living in the space. 

2. It was clean and organized - only what was necessary was on display the rest was packed up and ready to move.

3. Hired professional representation - all the details are left to the experts.  Documentation and items necessary to

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Overall sales are down from last month and from October 2017.  As a result we have had to have some serious heart to heart and difficult conversations with our sellers.  Sales for Single family homes are down by 14.86% from 2017, average prices have dropped by 3.08%, current days on market is sitting at 62 days.

Duplex and Rowhousing has been hit the hardest with average sale price of $333,215.  Sales dropped 30.77% looking at last October and current days on market is 66.

Condos held their own and proved to be the best segment from September to October increasing their sales but still were down from last year by 4.92%.  Average days on the market is 72.  

See the infographic for a complete picture.  


We would be happy to discuss our

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Our spotlight community for the Month of October is an Edmonton Northwest Community.  The proximity to the Canadian Forces Base makes the community and ideal family neighbourhood being a 5 minute commute for relocation members.  A family lifestyle close to work and close to some of the best schools for elementary grade children, shopping and amenities are also just across the street.  

September 2018 Market Report - Lago Lindo 

Lago Lindo Sept 2018 Mkt Stats

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